Animal Audiogram Database

The Animal Audiogram Database (AAD) provides audiogram data and metadata of audio-physiological experiments and original publications in a structured and easily accessible way. Audiograms are an important resource for understanding animal acoustic physiology, behaviour, ecology and for assessing the effects of anthropogenic noise on wildlife. AAD focuses on audiograms of marine mammals and birds to improve our understanding of the effects of anthropogenic noise in marine environments. AAD is based on the extensive survey of peer-reviwed publications in the field of hearing physiology. Data have been manually extracted and curated from original sources. Browse, view and download audiogram data in a variety of ways. Combine audiogram data for comparative analysis, experimental conditions or publications.

For those who are interested, we offer a survey here, in which feedback on the AAD can be given. This survey was developed in cooperation with Volker Schönert (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin).

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The Animal Audiogram database was developed as part of the project Hearing in Penguins conducted at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin funded by the German Environment Agency (UBA) with means from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU, FKZ3717182440).